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Steve's quick response and knowledge was very helpful when we lost our heat during the coldest time of the year. His professionalism is top notch. He took the time to explain what happened, why it happened, and the best solution. All of this even on a Saturday!
Ed Smithson2 months ago
Steve is the best. He takes his time and really does his best with trying to solve a problem. Had a hot water heater go out, Efficiency was about to slap in a new one in record time.
Alexander Hale2 months ago
Steve was outstanding! Our A/C went out and we had multiple repair companies come out and tell us that our unit was old and needed to be replaced. Steve came out quickly and worked hard to figure out what was actually going on with our system rather than trying to sell us on a new unit that we didn't need. He walked my husband through our entire system and kept troubleshooting until he got to what was causing our unit to malfunction. Can't recommend him enough and will be using him for all of our future needs!
Shea Sauder7 months ago
Steve is the most reliable and knowledgeable HVAC professional we have encountered. Not only has he provided us with great repair service in the past, but he recently installed a whole new system for us. While he was installing and checking his work, he discovered a cold air return that was non functioning. Our house was built 16 years prior and this return has never worked. In his findings, it was discovered that this was never put in and was covered up. Steve was gracious enough to help us with this issue. We are so thankful for his service. Can’t speak highly enough of him. If you are in need of any repair or replacement, my husband and I recommend Efficiency Heating and Air above ALL others.
Carolyn Burkea year ago
I didn’t know what an honest AC technician looked like until Steve came along. Saw through all the surface issues that the other guys looked over and got to the source to get our AC up and running again. When all the other guys said we needed a new unit, he made a simple fix and it works like new. No dishonest opinions or bad motives with Steve. He truly wants to help out homeowners. He’s got all our business going forward.
Daniel Sauder7 months ago

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